GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! Commissions are finally back open. There are a couple of small changes to how I’ve done this before: one good , one… not so good.
First, the good: previously I’ve limited commission requests to the first ten people that responded. Well, we’re moving into the holiday season and I find myself a bit more cash-strapped than I would like, so I’m keeping the door open past ten. If the requests become overwhelming, I will have to close the door again, but I’ll try to just make it a pause and not a full stop.
I recently attended the Portsmouth Mini-Con TMNT Reunion and I was good-naturedly chastised fand told that my work is worth much more than I was charging. I simply had no idea. The prices below now more closely reflect the value.

Everybody seems to want Ninja Turtle drawings, but I can do whatever character you want. I set my pricing based on the amount of time it takes to complete a piece. My process is, I think, unique. I start with a digital pencil, then drop in a background element, usually in vector format. I then print that out on a comic board and hand ink and watercolor wash. The result is a very detailed final piece!


Every order will receive an original sketch card!