Poison Dart Frog Prince, Princess,Adelaide

Princess Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the heroes of my first illustrated book for children, “The Poison Dart Frog Prince“. Some readers feel she’s the real hero of

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures reprint covers

For a few years during the 90s, I was the chief artist for the TMNT Adventures comic book published by Archie Comics. These covers were recently
beach birds

Beach Birds

These birds were developed for youth tees for l2 brands. I have combined them into this scene showing a seagull couple meeting their pelican


nothing says summer as a kid more than a good, old-fashioned water fight!

Kate Avacado

Kate is a mascot i developed for hope academy, a school for young girls in El Aguacate (the avacado), ecuador.
Football Menagerie

Football Menagerie

I illustrated a series of football mascots for Fanatics. This is a small group of some of those characters on the field.

A Frog and his noble steed

“Come, Shadowfax, show us the meaning of haste!” This image of a brave frog setting out to seek fortune and glory is based on two shirt designs I

Holiday Card 2023

Thought we’d take a break from Krampus this year and feature the Yule Goat, a Scandinavian and Northern European Yule and Christmas symbol.

Holiday Card 2021

This year’s card was inspired by one of Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” cards, with various yule characters from around the world.

Story Pirates Ship Poster

The Story Pirates ship. Story Pirates is a family media company that produces and creates content inspired by kids to inspire kids and their