The Forever War

it's finally here!

Thanks to the modern miracle of crowdfunding and the vision of Arseniy Dubakov and Andrew Modeen, a promise made almost twenty-five years ago is being honored! To be a part of this endeavor and to secure your copy, follow the link below:

what took you so long?!

In 1995, Steve Murphy and I knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures was about to be cancelled, so we decided to go out with a bang. We planned a final, five-issue storyline that would give the book a satisfying end while bringing back a host of familiar side characters we had introduced over the years. this story was The Forever War.

Murph had a rough outline for the full story. We completed the first issue, pencils, inks and letters. We even finished all five covers, but suddenly the decision was made to pull the plug before the first issue of The Forever War could be printed.

Over the years, the comics industry being what it is, Murph and I were forced to pursue other means of financial stability. We tried to launch Ninjara in a stand-alone adventure series, but the pressures of raising two sons after losing a rather lucrative regular gig proved to be insurmountable, and Ninjara, too, fell by the wayside. One of my many regrets.


But the interest in The Forever War never waned. As the young kids who read our work in the 90s grew up, they reached out to Murph and myself, often asking if the story would ever be printed. For a moment, it looked as if IDW might publish it finally as part of the Turtles’ 30th anniversary, but that fell through, as well.
It was beginning to look like would never get to read that final arc.


so what happened?

In 2018, I was contacted by Arseniy Dubakov, who was reprinting the TMNT Adventures books in Russia, asking if i would do new covers. Arseniy turned out to be an outstanding person and we quickly developed an excellent working relationship and friendship. He even had me over to visit Russia twice! As we talked he floated the idea of finishing The Forever War and was delighted to hear that i was in. So here we are.

Since nobody wanted to back the book, we decided to crowdfund the endeavor. Arseniy is certain, however, that once we’ve completed it, publishers will be more receptive to printing the finished product. Fingers crossed, but there’s no reason to wait for that. just follow the link up top to get your copy today!